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Nine Steps to Improving Ecommerce Search Engine Rankings

Los Angeles SEO Ecommerce, The SEO firm that is dedicated to helping companies improve their search engine rankings, today they reveal nine of the most important factors to assist in ecommerce sales.

Unique Content

Search engines love new and unique content. It’s easy to cut and paste descriptions into a website, if possible create all unique content. It may not practical for ecommerce sites with large numbers of items, but each category page should have unique content.

Search Engine Friendly URLs

Website, items and categories should have URLs that match the keywords that users are using when they search for website products. Having these match will help search engine rankings and bring more customers to an ecommerce website.

New Product Announcement Advantage

In competitive marketplaces where competition is great with other resellers selling the same products, when new items are announced from manufacturers, it’s important to add them to your website as early as possible. If you add an item before a competitor, search engines will notice that your site was earlier and may give you earlier, more authoritative results in searches.

Ecommerce Blog

New and unique content in the form of announcements, product reviews and content will also be another way for customers to find you on search engines. Make sure your blog entries have the keywords that potential customers are looking for. Many ecommerce packages have blogging already built in.

Google Hangouts

Do you do live video demonstrations or webinars to your customers? Consider using a Google Hangout for your next public web event. After the webinar these videos will appear very prominently and rank highly in search engine results.

Social Media

With Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc. do regular announcements into social media with links back to your website. These “Social Signals” will strengthen your rankings in search engines.

Facebook Marketing

When users join Facebook, they input their personal demographics. As they use Facebook they “Like” things that allow further targeting of your perfect audience. Facebook is surprisingly affordable and is the perfect platform to find new customers. We use Facebook advertising each month for clients running promotions and giveaways that create generate thousands of leads and many new customers.

Broken Website Links

As changes are made to your products and website, make sure there are no broken links. If an item is temporarily out of stock, leave it on your website.  If an item is discontinued, or a category is changed redirect the old URL to an alternative item (called 301 redirects). This way if someone is looking for the old item they’ll see the new item. Regular checking of Google Webmaster tools will show the missing links Google has found.


Do regular announcements and product reviews on video. Video is perfect for important product information. It can save customers from calling and asking the same questions. Most ecommerce systems have links for video in the item configuration so it displays correctly to your customers. Just like other social content, videos will rank very well in search engines.

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